Niels "Storm" Robitzky


Architect of Trivium/ThreeFold Systems

Legendary b-boy and performer, Niels has almost four decades of dance experience under his belt. Many credit Niels and the generation he inspired with keeping Breaking alive when it lost popularity in the late 1980s. He made the shift from competing in b-boying to judging it in 1997 and eventually took on the task of developing the approach the international Breaking scene takes to judging. This approach culminated in the judging system used for the Undisputed Championships in the mid-2010s.
When the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) successfully bid to have Breaking included in the Argentina 2018 Youth Olympic Games, Niels was tasked with formalising the judging system and codifying it so that it could pass the scrutiny of the International Olympic Committee. Working with Kevin "Renegade" Gopie, and consulting the major thinkers in judging Breaking on the scene, Niels produced a system that encourages Fairness, Accountability, Consistency, Transparency and Statistics.

So far, Niels and Kevin have trained almost 300 judges world-wide in the use of the Trivium and Threefold judging systems.
He provides the philosophical leadership to the team and continues to promote fair, professional judging. He has a book on the topic coming out soon.

Kevin "Renegade" Gopie

Co-Creator of Trivium/ThreeFold Systems

Kevin began dancing in the UK in the early 1980s with Breaking and Popping. He remained a prominent figure in the worldwide Breaking scene as a judge for the UK B-Boy Championships, as a DJ and as a coach. 

Kevin worked closely with Niels to develop the rules and judging system the International Olympic Committee approved for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018. Kevin is an outspoken advocate for modernising and professionalising the role of judging in Breaking.

So far, Niels and Kevin have trained almost 300 judges world-wide in the use of the Trivium and Threefold judging systems.

Kevin provides ongoing coaching and training for judges and coaches in use and utilisation of the Trivium and Threefold systems.

Jurriaan "Jurskee" Bouterse

Trivium/ThreeFold Certified Judge

Jurskee (1977) from Amsterdam - The Netherlands - has been Breaking since 1994 and founded his crew Turn it Loose in 1996. In that time Breaking in Holland was coming back out of the 'Dark Ages' and still very small. Most crews consisted out of a mix of members that started in the 80s and young bloods like Jurskee. The main motivation to get into Breaking was a love for Hip Hop culture that was still very underground at the time. And the main motivation to train Breaking was to be able to throw down during Hip Hop parties, Rap concerts or DJ Competition. Breaking competitions and battles did not start till 1998 when events like The Notorious IBE in Rotterdam and Spin of in Amsterdam began and gave a boost to the Dutch Breaking scene.

During the 30 years that Jurskee has been Breaking he stayed active and involved by performing with his crew, both commercial as in theater, by teaching and giving workshops at local dance schools and dance academies national and international, by judging competitions since 2016, by organizing on a local level and by working at The Notorious IBE since 2010 where he started contributing to the artistic programming and has been moderating talks shows on a yearly basis. One of the more recent highlights in his carreer has been his involvement in setting up the first 3-year vocational study centered around Breaking at Creative College in Utrecht that started in 2021.

Judging has always been a big interest of Jurskee and something that he takes very serious. As a result of this there has been at least one IBE talk show every year based around a subject that concerns judging with speakers that have been on the forefront of the international developments of judging systems, including the system that was introduced to the IOC when Breaking made its debut at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.

Here are some of the talks Jurskee moderated at The Notorious IBE over the years:

Title: Dyzee & the O.U.R. Judges System. Speaker: Karl Olivier ‘Dyzee’ Alba (IBE 2012)
Title: Old/New Dialectics: In Search of a Way of Judging. Speakers: Niels ‘Storm’ Robitzky / Kevin ‘Renegade’ Gopie / Bart van Rosmalen / Gaby Allard (IBE 2013)
Title: The Future of Competition Breaking. Speaker(s): Kevin ‘Renegade’ Gopie (IBE 2014)
Title: Do We Need A Judges System? Speakers: Dyzee / Niek / Kevin ‘Renegade’ Gopie (IBE 2015)
Title: No More Ties. Speakers: Kevin ‘Renegade’ Gopie  / Niek (IBE 2017)
Title: Creating a Judging System (explaining the Trivium). Speaker: Niels ‘Storm’ Robitzky (IBE 2018)
Title: Olympic Gold Rush. Speakers: Crazy Legs / Bgirl Hurricane / Moy / Kevin ‘Renegade’ Gopie / Paul van Dal (IBE 2019)

Emmanouil "Emmanuel Fox" Chalkiadakis

Trivium/ThreeFold Certified Judge

Hailing from Crete/Greece, Breaking since 1999 Emmanuel has been a b-boy, a coach, youth leader and social worker through Breaking round the world. He coaches other judges in their use of the judging systems. Emmanuel was one of the first Trivium judges certified to use the system.
Emmanuel heads up the Dance Adjudication Network's social media account.

Nito Rihal

Trivium/ThreeFold Systems Expert and Facilitator

Nito is an organiser from Norway based in London. She has been organising dance events for over 15 years and has worked at many international events. One of her roles at events is operating the  ThreeFold judging system delivered by And8, supporting the judges on how to use the interface and apply the judging framework effectively. In addition to her work with events, she also works as a Sports Coordinator for Breaking in the Norwegian Dance Federation where she is leading and guiding the Norwegian Breaking athletes on their journey towards the Olympics.

Niilante Ogunsola-Ribeiro

Technology Specialist, Learning Solutions and Project Management

Niilante has over a decade of experience creating online learning with experience in mandatory training, continuous professional development and accredited learning up to post-graduate level.

He has facilitated the creation of the Threefold and Trivium exams along with certification of all Trivium and Threefold certified judges to date.

He will plan and develop the online-learning components of the next versions of Threefold and Trivium training. He manages the project roadmap and task list while providing the learning solutions consultancy for the project.

Although his background is firmly rooted in biological sciences (Anatomy for BSc and Clinical Neuroscience for MSc) he now specialises in Learning Technology systems and processes. He brings idea generation and creative problem-solving skills he gained while working in the EdTech sector. He is passionate about agile project management and data-driven-decision making.

Niilante has been Breaking since 2005.